Heart Work: Dr. Paula Dhanda

What inspires a doctor to leave a comfortable job in Beverly Hills to work in the unhealthiest county in California as well as some of the most underserved countries in the world?

LivingWell: Proven weight loss success practices

There are proven, research-tested keys to weight loss success. One of them is tracking calories; do you know the rest? Find out more about weight control at nwcr.ws/.

Shining a light on home care

Adventist Health Home Care Services is shining a light on the benefits of home care and hospice during the national month of celebration. Experience the impact on families under our recent care.

Serving Up Hope

In their weekly tradition that provides more than sustenance, Tillamook Regional Medical Center looks after the hungry, the weary, and the tired by serving meals to the underserved.

LivingWell: The 10% loss

Losing just 10 percent of your body weight can do wonders for how you feel. Remember, the future YOU is just YOU, a little bit from now. Find out more at cdc.gov/healthyweight/losing_weight/index.html

A new alternative to open heart surgery | Adventist Health Glendale

At Adventist Health Glendale, a new technology is offering a valve replacement without having to open the chest. This makes recovery much easier and is particularly useful for patients who are at increased risk for complications with an open surgical procedure.

A Gift Of Prayer | Portland Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care volunteers at Adventist Health in Portland take time to pray with patients.

Core values: Excellence

The core value of excellence speaks to how we hold ourselves personally accountable.

LivingWell: Starting your health journey

Have goals and know the "why" before you start on your weight loss journey.

Helping patients find Adventist Health doctors

How Adventist Health is helping patients get accurate and timely information on physicians—so they can find the right doctor for them. Coming December 2017.

To change a life: Precious Wilson

See how physicians and community members at Adventist Health St. Helena helped give Precious a new smile. 

Core Values: Respect

The third of Adventist Health’s core values is R-E-S-P-E-C-T and how we honor the uniqueness of each individual.  

When God tells you to go

A team from Adventist Health Tillamook traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa, to work alongside physical therapists and chaplains at a local hospital. 

Business Transformation: Self Service

The business transformation is underway. Learn more about the Self Service features provided through this new tool.

Getting to know your personal cheerleader

Use our health coach to set goals, overcome obstacles, and score wins for your health.

Core Values: Compassion

Adventist Health employees live the core value of "compassion" by being compelled to act with love.

Mission: Pathway of hope

Isidro was one of nearly 9,000 patients who received free medical care at a Seventh-day Adventist-sponsored mega clinic in Los Angeles. For him, it was a new beginning.